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Contraction and Convergence

Contraction and Convergence is the set of concepts proposed by Aubrey Mayer and the Global Commons Institute to tackle the critical planetary (and so global) problems of Climate Change. I commend the site to you, and, most specifically, the short definition statement at www.gci.org.uk/briefings/ICE.pdf


From this page, I share papers I have written to help explain and make more feasible, the adoption of C&C.

These are papers generally published under Creative Commons licenses (see www.creativecommons.org). Most commonly the "Attribution-NoDerivs" licence, which allows anybody to freely republish or use the articles as a whole, so long as it attributed to me. I am exploring the implications of the Share Alike licence, but am not quite ready to adopt it except in special circumstances.

My general policy is to leave published documents on this site indefinitely, so you can use the URL to the document with reasonable assurance that it will persist. I do reserve the right, in extremis, to withdraw documents.

Only the most recent versions will be referenced from this page, and this page will generally be referenced in the C&C documents, so you can check for later versions.

Articles available are:

Carbon – Tax, Rationing or Cap? Making the case for Cap and Trade over Taxes. Version 1.2 of 19th December 2005 26k CarbonTaxRationorCapv12.pdf. (This supercedes version 1.0 submitted to ECI for their debate on the matter).

Last updated 19th December 2005.