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This Home Page offers links to all the material David has made public, as well as to ventures with which he is associated.

My interests

David Hirst

I now find myself to be an Inventor and Consultant, perhaps a Technologist or a Systems Analyst (in the broader sense of systems). My career discipline has been IT. I have also been, I suppose, an entrepreneur, although current pursuits cannot yet be disclosed.

My main interests are electricity, explored in "A Vision for Electricity", and conservation, an interest that is still evolving rapidly. But I find it difficult to keep my interests focused, and I share below some aspects of thinking in other areas.

As a Consultant, my main strengths lie in exploring issues, particularly ones involving technical or scientific understanding, and in creative thinking, both to spark others, and be sparked by them. Many years within Ernst & Young gives one broad capabilities, and, I am good at explaining things in ways that help policy-makers understanding. I do not always agree that the way things are is appropriate! The evolution of RLtec has been a valuable experience, bringing awareness of the risks and challenges of entrepreneurship.

To learn more about me, you can download a short CV/Resume from here.

Interests and pursuits include:

  • Shipping. For several rewarding years I had Shipping Emissions Abatement and Trading, or SEAaT, as a client. My focus was the campaigning and supporting projects for Emissions Trading for sulphate and nitrogenous emissions, as this would encourage the wider adoption of seawater scrubbing. There is a long way to go on this, and I am disappointed in the direction IMO eventually adopted.
  • Ecameter, a system for continuous emissions monitoring. Particularly designed for shipping.
  • Road Traffic. A recent interest, as optimising traffic flows over time is a very similar problem to leveling electricity load, and it looks as if there is scope to apply similar solutions.
  • Community Heat and Electricity. An effort to encourage and show the virtues of a heat distribution infrastructure for sustained and sustainable improvements in energy efficiency.
  • ePacks and eLarder. A set of concepts for radically reducing, even removing, packaging waste, while enhancing aspects of urban living. A nice idea.
  • RiverSimple, a project by friends to design and build an advanced, highly efficient fuel cell car, and also to build an organisation that has sustainability built in to its structure.
  • Campaign against CO2 sequestration. Storing huge quantities of CO2 will create risks and hazards substantially greater than any we have so far faced, including nuclear waste.
  • CarbonSense is a group aiming to help organisations and people more actively understand the issues of climate change and what they can do about it.
  • Contraction and Convergence, as developed by the Global Commons Institute (www.gci.org.uk).

I am interested in all aspects of sustainability, including Gaia, Deep Ecology, Natural Capitalism, Business and Sustainability at Schumacher College, and IT. I follow, with some skepticism, Corporate Social Responsibility issues, as, despite being an entrepreneur seeking investment funds, I cannot wholly buy in to the Friedman concept that "stockholder value is all". Too simplistic and too easy to disconnect from ethical considerations.

I am able and willing to contribute time and effort (such as remains) to worthwhile projects that contribute to sustainability. Fees (if any) will reflect the social value. Do call (+44 7831 405443) or email if you think I can help.

Not much of what I write gets formally published, but I am working on getting some of it on the web:

  • The Environmental Case for Seawater Scrubbing has a "home" page, with the latest version, here.
  • "A Drive through the West" is an account (and pictures) of a trip across America in May 2000.
  • WebMemorial, Deathsalert and Bereavement are business concepts that followed some work with the Co-op and their funeral service.
  • Seoul & Korea: thoughts and pictures following a trip to Seoul in early 2000.

I live with my wife Alison and daughter Eleanor in Brighton, and we share some aspects of our lives here.

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